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Voluntary Cosmetic Facility Registration (VCRP)


The VCRP applies only to cosmetic products being sold to consumers in the United States. It does not apply to cosmetic products for professional use only, such as products used in beauty salons, spas, or skincare clinics. It also does not apply to products that are not for sale, such as hotel samples, free gifts, or cosmetic products you make in your home to give to your friends. Registering cosmetic manufacturing and/or packaging establishments. Cosmetic establishments are facilities where cosmetics are manufactured and/or packaged, not locations that house only business operations. Only owners or operators of cosmetic manufacturing or packing facilities can register their establishments, using a separate Form for each facility location. Distributors cannot register an establishment. Domestic firms that have begun operations can register their establishments before or after their products are entered into a commercial distribution and for sale to U.S. consumers. Foreign firms may voluntarily register their establishments after their products are exported for sale in the U.S. FDA assigns a registration number to each establishment location.


Voluntary Cosmetic Facility Registration includes Certificate of Registration.
Cosmetics are not subject to FDA premarket approval. It is the firm’s responsibility to ensure that its cosmetic products and ingredients are safe and properly labeled, in full compliance with the law.